Deploying Google Earth 4.3 – Finding the MSI

I was busy with work for all these days, lots of applications to repackage and deploy. Hell lot of support calls related to the repackaged versions of Adobe Flash Player and Shortwave Player!! Now it’s the time fire up my keyboard again. :)Google Earth Logo

The post Repackaging Google Earth 4.1.7087 was quite popular and it seems lots of readers are having difficulties in finding the Google Earth MSI for deployment. So the next installment of the Google Earth series seems inevitable.

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Repackaging Adobe Flash Player 9.0.47

Oh.. I am back. I was on a brief business visit to the UK and in fact forgot to post here. :)

Now I’m on the simple title Adobe Flash Player v 9.0.47. It’s obviously the easiest app to re-package. If you’re in a hurry grab the the msi version from here and deploy it directly. But I have decided to go with the hard way by capturing it using Wise package Studio.

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Repackaging Skype 3.2 & Deploying it – Example of a non deployment-friendly app!

Skype logoI was on the repackaging of Skype in the last week. In fact there is nothing much to do with it if the Automatic proxy detection works. But unfortunately in my network Skype seems unable to extract the proxy settings from Internet explorer. This made thing worse and helped me to learn a lot about the deployment of files in to user profiles!

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‘Always Overwrite’ a file irrespective of MSI versioning rules

I was in search of a method to effective overwrite an existing file though my MSI. It seems windows installer is missing such a functionality as the file versioning rules don’t have a word about it. According to MSDN the file replacing is done considering properties like version, date and language.

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Silent installation of Office XP Update KB833858 – The switch /Q not working?

I was playing around the MS office XP security update packs last week. These packages (exe files) can be easily and silently deployed using a /Q switch. All the packages seems going well except Office XP Update KB833858 ( officexp-kb833858-fullfile-enu.exe). The switch /Q is not working completely. Ok, it takes away all the user interfaces during the installation, but after the installation a message box is popping up with the warning that a restart is required, do you want to continue!
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