Deploying Microsoft Silverlight 1.0

Recently I got a request to create a package of Microsoft Silverlight 1.0. The download available at the MS silverlight page is for version 2 Beta. After a bit of investigation I found a link which allows the download of the latest release of Microsoft Silverlight 1.0.

You can save the downloaded silverlight.exe safely.

Silent Installation

The /q switch can be used in the main setup (silverlight.exe). But in restricted user mode this will cause problems because before installing the silverlight.exe will extract contents to a randomly named folder in the C:\ drive (e.g. C:\70d08a988c3ad28b5d). For restricted users this will fail.
Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 Installation

So I decided to un-compress the setup exe using the standard /X switch. The extracted files are:

  • install.exe
  • install.res.dll
  • silverlight.msi
  • silverlight.msp

The size of the silverlight.msi is 58 KB and silverlight.msp is 1.23 MB. These files can be used for silent installation of Silverlight 1.0.

Using silverlight.msi>:

In the normal MSI way we can deploy it easily.

msiexec.exe /i <path>silverlight.msi PATCH=<path>silverlight.msp /qn

Using install.exe:

The silent switch for the main installer will work here also.


install.exe /q


install.exe /qu

Disabling Update

The updates are set to enabled and automatic by default. To make it disabled and Never Check for updates two registry keys needs to be deployed to the workstations.

Silverlight Updates enabled
Silverlight Updates Enabled



These keys can be deployed via active directory. But I created another msi for it and added an active setup entry to repair the installation for merging the HKCU key for each users.

Silverlight Updates Disabled
Silverlight Updates Disabled

Mission accomplished!!”

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    1. Fred said

      am September 30 2008 @ 5:12 pm

      Download link isn’t working anymore.

    2. Hemanth said

      am December 18 2008 @ 8:48 pm

    3. Patrick said

      am March 12 2009 @ 1:41 pm


      You probably meant to write the second registry key as follows:


      Kind Regards

    4. Hemanth said

      am March 12 2009 @ 2:25 pm

      @Patrick: Are you referring to Silverlight 2.0? I’m yet to check it.

      Thanks for the pointer; I’ll add a new article detailing Silverlight 2.

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