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Deploying Microsoft Silverlight 1.0

Recently I got a request to create a package of Microsoft Silverlight 1.0. The download available at the MS silverlight page is for version 2 Beta. After a bit of investigation I found a link which allows the download of the latest release of Microsoft Silverlight 1.0.
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Deploying Google Earth 4.3 – Finding the MSI

I was busy with work for all these days, lots of applications to repackage and deploy. Hell lot of support calls related to the repackaged versions of Adobe Flash Player and Shortwave Player!! Now it’s the time fire up my keyboard again. :)Google Earth Logo

The post Repackaging Google Earth 4.1.7087 was quite popular and it seems lots of readers are having difficulties in finding the Google Earth MSI for deployment. So the next installment of the Google Earth series seems inevitable.

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