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‘Always Overwrite’ a file irrespective of MSI versioning rules

I was in search of a method to effective overwrite an existing file though my MSI. It seems windows installer is missing such a functionality as the file versioning rules don’t have a word about it. According to MSDN the file replacing is done considering properties like version, date and language.

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Silent installation of Office XP Update KB833858 – The switch /Q not working?

I was playing around the MS office XP security update packs last week. These packages (exe files) can be easily and silently deployed using a /Q switch. All the packages seems going well except Office XP Update KB833858 ( officexp-kb833858-fullfile-enu.exe). The switch /Q is not working completely. Ok, it takes away all the user interfaces during the installation, but after the installation a message box is popping up with the warning that a restart is required, do you want to continue!
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Deploying Security updates for MS Office XP and MS Office 2003 – No Uninstall Option?

Ouch.. I’m on a few security updaes packs for MS Office Suite for the past 7 days. All these KB hotfixes contains MS Patch (.MSP) files for fixing some security holes in MS Office. For silently deploying these packages we can use a /Q switch on each of these update exe files.

But things are a bit different when we come to the silent removal of the updates. The Windows update packs used to have a /uninstall switch for removel. This together with /qb could do a smooth and silent uninstallation process. But this feature was missing from MS Office Hotfixes!

A Bit of googleing leads me to a Microsoft KB article which explains the uninstallation process.
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