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Strange ICE 66 errors & MST validation problems in Orca 4.x

The Google Earth 4.1.7087 is still under my investigation. Today I found a strange behavior of Orca 4.0.5299.0 with my MST. It’s throwing an ICE 66 warning, something like

“Complete functionality of the Shortcut table is only available with Windows Installer version 4.0. Your schema is 200.”

. Since Windows installer 4.0 is not available for Windows XP I think it’s better to ignore it. But when I validated the same package with an old version of Orca ( Orca 3.1.4000.1830) this is not appearing. Any ideas guys?

Also Orca 4.0.5299.0 seems not in a mood to handle any MSTs. Any MST validation is always ending in a system restart. Hmm..

Windows Installer 4.5 Beta Accepting Nominations

The Windows Installer team is closing in on the Beta release of Windows Installer 4.5. So it’s time to open the Beta program. As usual, the connect site at is the host for the program.

The Windows Installer 4.5 specific subsite .

The Windows Installer Blog Announcement

Repackaging Google Earth 4.1.7087 : The Wise Setup Capturing & MST stories

EDIT- Comments are closed Now. Discussions can be continued in the Forum thread here.

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This app was terrible!! No, I’m loving it!

The frequent version changes and beta releases made the repackaging process very difficult as I need to get the latest downloadable version ready for release. So I decided to pack the latest beta in the Google Earth 4.1.7087 series as my target.

I downloaded the setup from Google Earth website and installed it. To my surprise the installer of the beta version was totally different from the Stable ( Google Earth 4.0.2746) installer. There is no options to select the install path or cache path. Hmm.. I am going forward with it.

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